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 increase your turnover by 70%

usual return on investment in 2 or 3 month


because it is difficult to find a manicurist who do good design

because it is long to do

because when it is donne well peoples loves designs

print on nail in few seconds any          chosen design or photo.

you can upload any photo from you smartfone or a computer.

print up to 5 nails in one time.

this printer will make the buzz among your clients,

they are all going to want to try it and they will comme back for more, that is for sure.

  •  Built with computer and 10.2" touch screen inside it.

  • Advanced mechanical structure design,4000 more New desgins and new software make the printer a more stable performance .

  • Accept photos transfered from your phone by wifi and bluetoooth/USB port

  • Print images, photos, on five nails at one time or 1-3 flowers at the same time

  • Installed with printing counter, can record how many nails printed every day.

  • Automatically Nail-holder Adjustment System

  • Software supplied. 4000 more designs are new updated and you can upload your own images into it and print out.

  • Transfer photos from your phone to the printer by wifi and bluetoooth/USB port

  • low printing cost, easy to operate, 5 nails cost less than 0.1usd.

  • There is no harm to nails during operation.

  • Apply perfect human-machine alternation style, easy to operate and learn.

  • One cartridge can print 3000 pieces nails.

  • Small space taking, one desk is enough.

  • Printed pictures on nails can be reserved for 30 days in normal condition.

  • CE approval,3 years warranty and lifetime technology support

  • Packing with 2 cartridges and 4 polishes free for you

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