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posture corrector

the best pain relief

it hits the mark after a Harvard University study proves it eliminates back pain and

bad posture quickly

Proven effective by Harvard Medical University study
Efficacy confirmed by the University of Oxford, the University of Paris and 7 other clinical studies

Prouvé efficace par une étude de l’université médicale d’Harvard

De nombreuses personnes étaient encore sceptiques de l’efficacité de ce produit, jusqu’à la publication d’une étude par l’université médicale d’Harvard il y a 2 mois.

Ils ont fait porter le Correcteur de Posture Romain à un groupe de 532 patients souffrant de mal de dos 30 minutes par jour durant 28 jours. Afin de vérifier les théories de M. Frédérick, ils ont ensuite mesuré les données suivantes:
- La longueur du psoas des patients

- La sévérité de leurs symptômes de mal de dos - La qualité de vie des patients

Après 28 jours, les résultats publiés sont impressionnants. Le psoas des patients a été rallongé en moyenne de 36,81%, la sévérité de leur mal de dos a été réduit de 78,83%, et leur qualité de vie rapportée a augmenté de 43,88%.

Suite à la publication de cette étude, les ventes du Correcteur de Posture Romain ont explosé.

Une efficacité confirmée par l'université d'Oxford, l'université de Paris et 7 autres études cliniques

Des nouvelles études ont depuis été publiées par l'université d'Oxford et par l'université de Paris, prouvant que le Correcteur de Posture Romain est efficace pour éliminer le mal de dos et la mauvaise posture.

7 autres études cliniques ont également été publiées montrant l'efficacité de cet appareil révolutionnaire pour la santé du dos.


Proven benefits for cardiovascular health, memory, osteoarthritis and weight loss

By reducing chronic inflammation, the Roman Posture Corrector helps reduce blood pressure and excess cholesterol, which greatly reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. It has already enabled many users to stop taking their medication and cure their high blood pressure.

Additionally, improving sleep helps speed up metabolism and accelerate fat loss, which helps many users shed pounds within the first few weeks of use.

It also improves memory and cognitive health, which greatly reduces the risk of Alzheimer's and cognitive problems that are associated with snoring.

It will also make you look younger by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduce unpleasant dark circles that make you look tired, and make you more attractive.

It also reduces joint pain associated with osteoarthritis, by restoring a normal inflammatory profile. Many people report that their pain goes away completely after just a few weeks.

All these benefits have been studied and validated by the researchers at Harvard University who conducted this study, who concluded that the Roman Posture Corrector is "a simple and accessible way to improve your health with a minimum of effort. ".

All thanks to a corset to be worn for just 30 minutes a day.



How do posture braces work?

Most of the are designed to help re-train your musculature and maintain an upright position too. It is very effective as improvement in your posture is seen after a few weeks of daily use.

Should we use a posture corrector or not?

Of course. If you don’t have a good posture then there is nothing wrong in trying something that will help you to attain a good posture.

I have used a posture corrector last year because of my round shoulders and within 6 months I am completely fine.

Does a posture corrector really improve posture?

Yes, a posture corrector like tecnobody postural bench can really improve the posture , Ideal for treating back problems, lumbar, back and neck pain due to poor posture or trauma, or to improve the postural setting of athletes who wish to increase their performance. Not a simple postural bench, but an ally to evaluate the state of the muscular structure and posture. The muscles contract to close the system emphasizing the rotations and the muscular asymmetries that cause the issues.

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