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1pc Psoriasis Eczma Cream Works Perfect For All Kinds Of Skin Problems Patch Body Massage Ointment Chinese herbal Medicine




100% Effective

Eczema Ointment Creams No side effects Antibacterial cream Description: Suitable for: psoriasis, eczema and all kinds of skin diseases.

 the best sales volume of the whole of China,

 refined from natural herbal essence of the new generation of skin cream preparation for external use traditional


application : applicable to skin sterilization and bacteriostasis.

Such as staphylococcus aureus (rotting aureus), candida albicans (fungus). suggestion recommended : acute or chronic dermatitis, eczema, tinea manus (Hong Kong foot, fungal), body tinea (sweat stain), psoriasis, peeling, blister, bad feet, the feet itch, pruritus vulvae, hemorrhoids, mosquito bites, acne, prickly heat, itchy skin.


usage and dosage : external use, the right amount of this product to put on the skin to wash affected area, 2 to 3 times a day, can be used again one to two weeks after symptoms disappear, to prevent recurrence.


notes : this product is for external use only avoid is oral, not used for large area wound surface. 


Shelf life: two years Helpful hints: patients should eat less all kinds of wine, seafood, spicy food.Can eat more heat cool blood, nourishing blood, skin, detoxification functions and so on food to help cure skin disease.I hope you recover at an early date!



1pc Psoriasis Eczema Cream Works Perfect For All Kinds Of Skin

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