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                                                 HAIR EXTENSION HOLDER


Perfect tool that can hold hair extensions in place and separate hair strands of different lengths or color for quick work.
Easily access your hair extensions and keep them neatly organized, avoid tangling hair 
It frees up your hands that you can easily pick up hairpiece with your hand while the other styles the hair.

This saves you time and the customer's time!
Made with smooth, strong and light weight acrylic material.
Ideal for professional salon and home use.

                                                  your personal assistant

- stickable on any surfaces on any trolley with a strong nano tape it never falls

- hold and organize all types of extensions, TAPES , FUSIONS, WEAVES 

- hold 2 pounds of hair 

- hold extensions during drying, curling, flat ironing 

- no mess no tangles during services

- it will make your work easier and faster

- organize extension by color & size

no mess anymore, no hair on the floor, no tangles, hair color not mixed, no waste of time

- Troley not included

HAIR EXTENSIONS HOLDER stickable anywhere , tape ,fusion, weave

SKU: 0002065
$29.95 Regular Price
$21.95Sale Price