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Posture correctors or back straighteners are devices used to strengthen the muscles of the lower and upper back. They make it easier to straighten the posture and work by pushing your shoulders back. This allows your spine to be aligned with your pelvis. As you continue to use the device, your muscles strengthen in a corrected position, which helps you gradually maintain an upright posture on your own. Improving your posture is beneficial for your health in several ways:Posture correctors fight sagging spine and help relieve or treat back pain. They help reduce the symptoms of pain.Posture correctors can also help those who suffer from headaches due to tension caused by neck or back pain. They relieve pressure on the nerves by straightening the spine (1).They make breathing easier because the lungs are less compressed, which improves mood and energy (2).Better posture also increases self-confidence, making you feel taller and thinner. This actually results in a better appearance. Additionally, posture correctors can reduce lower back pain (in the lower back), as well as increase blood circulation and improve digestion. There are few side effects seen with the daily use of posture correctors. Sometimes you will feel a little discomfort or aches, especially during the first few days of using the device. These discomforts usually subside as your body adjusts to the posture corrector and your muscles get stronger.


Integrated design, light enough but also provide huge pulling back strength 

for shoulders. 
Adjustable stick straps allow proper adjustment chest circumference for 

optimal fit.
Made of high quality extra soft and breathable neoprene, even can be worn comfortably under clothing, designed in such a way that you can wear it all day without any issue.
No help from others required to put on or take off, the only brace that you can adjust by yourself, simply pull the straps to be tightened and lift the buckle up to relax the straps.
This posture brace works by training your muscles and spine to return to their natural alignment, reduce back pain cause by bad posture. 
Powerful magic sticker, wearable and no pilling.

Silver Posture Corrector Back Brace Spine Corset Belt Shoulder

SKU: 15085