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30g Snake Venon Serum Fine Lines Removal Collagen Essence Whitening Tighten Face Serum Anti Aging Skin Care Cosmetics


Called ‘Smearable Botox

’Why has snake venom become such a unique cosmetic?If snake venom cosmetics are now so popular, it is because they are the best alternative to more invasive methods such as Botox that is injected with a syringe under the skin. It offers the same results without any side effects, and is applied gently in the form of simple creams.

Snake venom cosmetics are a small revolution in the fight against wrinkles. Real agents of feminine beauty. When you think that a simple cream today manages to compete effectively with Botox injections, safely, gently and without risks, it is difficult, not to try it.

Over the years and with advances in cosmetics, major trends have emerged, such as cosmetics based on snail slime or snake venom. Highly effective quality products, thanks to powerful active ingredients.Active Snake cosmetics aim to give your skin a second youth, thanks to three effects: the botox effect, the lifting effect, and the plumping effect.

Skin appears smoother, tighter, giving a rejuvenated appearance in just a few days of use.

With snake venom, you can benefit from over 50% wrinkle reduction in less than a month.Snake venom for a 100% natural Botox effectIn the cosmetics market, many new products are constantly coming out. Among them, some stand out for their originality and efficiency. This is the case with anti-wrinkle creams made from snake venom. But how does it actually work?The basic components of cosmetics based on snake venom:

New snake venom wrinkle creams contain a unique compound called "tripeptide". It is a molecule that is also found in certain venoms, such as that of the temple viper for example. And it is precisely from this molecule that we obtain the precious muscle relaxant effects which will effectively fight against wrinkles and the effects of aging on the skin of the face.

It also contains collagen which naturally strengthens the elasticity and firmness of the skin. The texture of the epidermis then regains a unique radiance, being perfectly nourished and hydrated.Finally, allantoin completes the formula of these new creams. Allantoin is particularly known for having regenerative properties, as well as for its action against skin irritations.

How is a snake venom cosmetic more effective than a traditional product?Its little "more" comes from the tripeptide. Its main feature is to relax the muscles of the face. This gives it a very effective anti-wrinkle effect.

The effects of a cosmetic based on snake venom are in this quite comparable to those of Botox. They both work on a similar principle, a relaxing effect that instantly reduces fine lines and wrinkles.On the other hand, unlike Botox which requires a consultation with a professional, the application of this cream can be done, simply, daily, at home, in a few minutes. It can be used as a day cream as well as a night care. Its active principle will act in the same way and always in depth.Snake venom cosmetics are intended for which skin types?

The advantage of snake venom creams is that they are suitable for all skin types. Anyone can benefit from its benefits, even dry or the most sensitive skin types. The cream provides pleasant deep hydration and there is no risk of allergic reaction or redness.What are the benefits of snake venom cosmetics?The first benefit provided by these creams is obviously the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, in particular expression lines which make a face look tired, sad, severe or much older.With regular use, we also appreciate the comfort of deeply nourished, luminous and revitalized skin. The face regains a second youth and a new freshness.Another notable benefit of snake venom creams is that they do not cause any side effects.

They offer the impressive results of Botox without any of the risks of allergic or irritant reactions With regular use, we also appreciate the comfort of deeply nourished, luminous and revitalized skin. The face regains a second youth and a new freshness.

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