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Collagen Snail Eye Cream Face Cream Face serum Anti-aging Remove Eye Bag Lifting Firming Fine Lines Facial Skin Care Set


Rejuvenating Beauty Snail Eye & face Cream

Net content: 30g


Snail operation

The observation is simple. Snail slime regenerates. Proof of this is that when a snail breaks its shell, it manages to reconstitute it thanks to its slime. Same scenario when he suffers an injury to his small body which he uses to move around. The gastropod secretes the miraculous slime and the wound disappears. This high healing and regenerating power has intrigued for centuries. In ancient times, the snail was credited with countless virtues. It was then ground, with or without the shell,


A slime with prodigious virtues

Snail farms today focus on the benefits of slime. The latter is removed and the gastropod is preserved. From the development of modern medicine, scientists analyzed the composition of this precious saliva. What they found turned out to be very promising: Snail slime is packed with active ingredients like collagen, elastin, protein, allantoin and glycolic acid.


Collagen is one of the skin's natural assets. But with age, the epidermis becomes lazy and produces less of it, resulting in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Elastin, as the name suggests, helps make the skin supple. Protein nourishes the skin and allantoin hydrates it. Finally, glycolic acid is used as part of peels or exfoliators. It facilitates the elimination of dead skin and helps to refine the skin texture.


Snail slime products

It is therefore natural that snail slime, purified, filtered and highly concentrated, entered the world of beauty.


Anti-inflammatory and restorative, the quality of snail slime varies depending on the species. Studies have shown that snails named Helix Aspersa Muller have the most active slime. They are also called the "Little Grays" and can be seen in our meadows.

Snail slime helps treat blemishes like acne, scars, dark circles and wrinkles that it tends to reduce. It is used to treat more serious conditions such as stretch marks, burns, eczema or psoriasis.

Contains plant extract essence, snail secretion filtrate, etc.
The texture is refreshing and delicate, moisturizing the skin, enhancing the elasticity of the eye area and moisturizing and smoothing the skin around the eyes.

Effectively tightens fine lines on the eyes, lifts the eyes skin and relaxes the skin, nourishes the internal structure of the skin.
Lighten dark circles and eye bags caused by day and night, making the eyes brighter and clearer
Treats eye fat granules and smoothes the eyes skin.

wholesale set Collagen Snail Eye Cream /Face Cream+ FREE serum Anti-aging

SKU: W0011/66


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